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Homeowners insurance is your lifeline to restoring a roof and/or other home exterior damage in the aftermath of a nasty Midwest storm. Canadian air masses and lake effect weather brings severe conditions to our region on a regular basis. When your property is damaged by a sudden storm, there’s no better resource to call than TopA1 Contracting.

Top A1 Contracting is well-schooled in the roofing insurance claims process and we can help you get the payout you need to fully return to normal home life. We meet with insurance adjusters and verify whether they have all your damage identified, and, if anything comes up short, we’ll help you deal with the additional costs by “supplementing” the claim.

This can happen for a couple of reasons: The adjuster overlooked a damaged area during the inspection and estimate, or the estimate for replacement materials was below the actual outlay due to fluctuating commodities prices.

How to Determine Roof Damage

The team at Top A1 Contracting can identify damage inflicted by severe weather, as well as common damages that crop up as the roof ages or when a roofer performs substandard installation or repair work. Here’s what we look for…

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What is Covered by Insurance and What Isn’t

Your roof could be covered fully by your homeowners’ roofing insurance policy if your property was damaged by unexpected circumstances, a.k.a. Acts of God. Most often, this comes in the form of a severe Midwest storm bringing wind, rain, snow, and pelting hail. Fire is also a covered event, but it’s seldom the reason for a claim in our area. Fires are more common in the dry, western portion of the U.S.
Adverse roof conditions are caused by aging of a roof, maintenance neglect, or faulty installation that does not fall under a contractor’s Workmanship Warranty is not covered by homeowners insurance.


Not Covered

Homeowners’ insurance companies recognize that a roof is essential to protecting the value of the home and mortgage companies require adequate homeowners insurance. With a properly filed damage claim that thoroughly documents all the repair or replacement work, Top A1 Contracting can help you get the funds you deserve for a full roof restoration.

Insurance Restoration Process:

Property inspection

Top A1 Contracting will perform a thorough inspection of your property. We will assess the damage on your roof to determine whether or not your claim needs to be filed. We are trained in doing so and we are knowledgeable of the industry standards. We know the criteria and guidelines to follow.

Determine what’s covered by the insurance

After the roof inspection, we’ll sit down with you and explain all our findings and recommendations. We can determine what can be covered by the insurance and what will not. Top A1 Contracting will also explain to you the insurance restoration process and the steps you need to take to file a claim.

Filing the claim

Top A1 Contracting can assist you in filing your claim. We know the insurance claim process like the back of our hand so we are in a better position to help you comply with the requirements and go through the process. We’ll review your attachments to ensure you’ve got all the documents required to expedite the claim process so we can restore your home to its original condition as quickly as possible.

Scope of work

Once your claim is filed, we’ll discuss with you the scope of work. We’ll list down all work needed, the materials to be used, and the measurements of the damaged area. Doing this ensures that our customers are properly informed of the process and the work that needs to be done to fully restore your home. We value our customers so our team at Top A1 will ensure we are transparent from start to finish.

Meeting the adjuster

Top A1 Contractor can meet up with the adjuster and point out all the damages we’ve found as we work with the same guidelines as the adjuster. Our team is trained to understand the language of insurance policies which allows us to communicate well with the adjusters. We also have experience working with all major insurance companies so rest assured you’re in good hands.

Funding the project

Once we’ve received the approval from your insurance company, we’ll start planning the works that fit the actual cash value of your claim. We’ll work around your budget without sacrificing quality. But if the value of the claim is insufficient to cover all the costs, you’ll only have to pay the deductibles. That’s your only out-of-pocket expense!

Pre-construction and site preparation

Top A1 will inform you about when is the start of the construction process. We will prepare your home accordingly to ensure your property is protected, as well as your landscaping, decks, pools, and other personal property.

Construction begins

Our team has the expertise and years of experience to handle the roof repair insurance or replacement necessary. We deliver superb quality of roofing results and we’ll keep you informed from start to finish of the construction process to guarantee customer satisfaction. Top A1 Contracting is your top expert in roofing insurance!

Post construction

After the project is complete, we’ll perform a final inspection with you to ensure everything was covered and that nothing has been overlooked. This way, we can determine whether the insurance restoration project meets your satisfaction and our high-quality standards. We’ll also conduct a clean-up so we’ll leave your home ready for move-in!


After all the checks have been settled, we’ll send the final Workmanship Warranty to you so you’re covered for years to come!

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